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care day 2021


On Care Day 2021 we invite our care experienced community to reflect with us about “What does #SolidarityNotCharity mean to you as a care experienced person?” You can engage in our campaign in whichever way you choose (or not - that’s cool too!) but here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Use our image above and share your thoughts 

  • Create a hand sign by writing the word ‘Solidarity’ onto your palm and taking a photo

  • Create your own image using the hashtag #SolidarityNotCharity

  • Upload our image above as your Twitter picture for the day

  • Add #SolidarityNotCharity to your Twitter name


Allies could show their support by:


  • Making space for care-experienced people on your Twitter feed - share our tweets, projects and resources

  • Upload our image above as your Twitter picture for the day

  • Add #SolidarityNotCharity to your Twitter name


We want to stress that you do not have to share anything that you are not comfortable with, or share your thoughts if it does not feel safe for you to do so. We should always feel in control of our own stories, who we share this with and in what way. 


Throughout the day, we will be sharing various resources that we have created, enabling us to reflect on care-experienced allyship, the history of charities and how we can create a shift towards acts of solidarity, both within our community and with professionals that work directly with our community.


In the evening of Care Day on Friday we had a Zoom Gathering for Care Experienced people to create a space for care experienced people to come together to discuss:


  1. Why RECLAIM?

  2. What does Solidarity Not Charity mean to you as a care experienced person? 

  3. How can we care for each other during the Care Review?


We hope that our campaign ‘Solidarity Not Charity’ will help inform organisations, charities and allies of how we would like to amplify our own voices, rather than creating a filtered opportunity to have our voice heard. We also hope that Care Day 2021 will be a chance for our community to reflect and connect with one another so we can start to reimagine our futures together and for each other.


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