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This is a page where we will be collecting resources to help us understand our transgenerational history, heritage and ancestry.

BECOME Charity History

Since 1992 when we were established as a charity (born out of Who Cares? magazine which started in 1985), we've been working to improve the everyday lives and future life chances of children in care and young care leavers.

Children's Homes: A History of Institutional Care for Britain’s Young

What image does the word orphanage conjure up in your mind? A sunny scene of carefree children at play in the grounds of a large ivy-clad house? Or a forbidding grey edifice whose cowering inmates were ruled over with a rod of iron by a stern, starched matron? In Children's Homes, Peter Higginbotham explores the history of the institutions in Britain that were used as a substitute for childrens natural homes. From the Tudor times to the present day, this fascinating book answers questions such as: Who founded and ran all these institutions? Who paid for them? Where have they all gone? And what was life like for their inmates?

The Children's Homes Website

The Children's Homes website aims to provide information on all the many and varied institutions that became home for thousands of children and young people in Britain. They range from orphanages, homes for those in poverty, or with special needs, through to reformatories, industrial and approved schools, training ships, and hostels. As well as each home's location, history etc. the site includes many maps, census listings, and historic images of the buildings and their inmates.

Who Cares? Scotland - History and Cultural Impact of Care Experience

Care Experienced people have been a part of societies across the world for as long as can be remembered. We are calling for global recognition of their history through Care Experienced History Month.

Care Experienced History Month

April 2021 is Care Experienced History Month. Care Experienced people have been a part of societies across the world for as long as can be remembered. A website documenting a global recognition of this history through Care Experienced History Month.

Coram Voices Through Time: The Story of Care

Voices Through Time: The Story of Care is an ambitious project to digitise the earliest part of Coram’s historic archive, going all the way back to 1739 when it was established as the Foundling Hospital, the country’s first home for children whose mothers could not take care of them.

The Children’s rights Movement and the Charity sector

The close relationship between the care community and the Charity sector goes way back in time and it has undoubtedly brought many benefits – at times operating as a huge support to the work of the care experienced advocacy movement. But there are also examples of how its proximity and at times the outright control over our lives during the difficult but important task of self-determination has proved a largely deeply uncomfortable experience.

Care Less Lives - The story of the rights movement of young people in care

Care Less Lives tells the story of the rights movement of young people in care in England. It relates how, from 1973, young people came together to talk about their care, support each other and campaign to improve their lives in care.

Former Children's Homes

A warm welcome to the Former Children's Homes website. Having started in 2011, this is the first dedicated encyclopaedia of life in former children's homes and orphanages. Over the years, thousands and thousands of children spent time in these homes and yet we know very little about what life was like for them.

The History of the Care System and the Care Leavers Association

The history of the Care System has helped to shape and grow the Care Leavers Association over the years. At the CLA we have a strong belief that acknowledging the past is key to improving the future. Below is information on the history of the Care System, which has helped to form the CLA and examples of our historic work at the CLA.

A collective focused on healing together, supporting each other, understanding our shared histories and imagining possible futures 

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